Dr Nicola Newman

Nicola likes sleeping, exercise, animals, humour, witty comments, sarcasm and kindness. She dislikes politics (with a passion), rudeness and people that don’t return their trolleys after shopping. Her hobbies include listening to audio-books, walking and socialising our dogs, sport and exercise. She currently does 6hrs of martial arts every week, plays tennis once a week and goes running/walking with her dogs at least 6 times a week. She has been known to get dragged into playing 5-a-side soccer, cricket and basketball for a while as well!

Fee Schedule

  • Children under 16 years of age will be bulk billed for most services.
  • Gold & White card DVA Card Holders will be bulk billed via DVA
  • Patients over 70 years of age are bulk billed at the Doctors discretion (note some Doctors are private billing only)
  • Patients 16-70 years of age with Commonwealth Health Care or Pensioner Card will be billed at a reduced rate
  • All other patients attract a private billing

Standard Consult $85 (rebate $39.10)
Long Consult $125 (rebate $75.75)
Standard Consult HCC/Pension $65 (rebate $39.10)
Long Consult HCC/Pension $105 (rebate $75.75)
** Payment is required at the time of the consult

Standard Consult $89 (rebate $39.10)
Long Consult $129 (rebate $75.75)

Dr Nicola Newman