Introducing Lifestyle Medicine (LM)

Are you overweight, overwhelmed, pre-diabetic, diabetic, sleeping poorly, fatigued?
How do you rate your quality of life?

Mingara Medical is very proud to add the first Internationally Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician on the Central Coast to our team.

Dr. Michelle Reiss was instrumental in setting up the successful Weight Loss Clinic at Mingara Medical, and has gone on to further her education in Lifestyle Medicine, weight loss and chronic disease prevention and reversal.

Lifestyle Medicine addresses the “cause of the cause” for conditions like pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, fatigue, depression, anxiety, joint pain.


Please call Mingara Medical for more info or to book an appointment. The initial consult will last 45mins with a small gap fee. All follow up appointments will be bulk-billed.


Introducing Lifestyle Medicine (LM)