Lifestyle Medicine

What is Lifestyle Medicine (LM)?

  • LM has been practiced in the USA since 2004, and has been recognized in Australia since 2014.
  • It is a rapidly growing and progressive sub-specialty in primary care, fuelled by the pandemic proportions of obesity, diabetes, cancers and most chronic diseases.
  • Modern healthcare is recognizing this new model of care, which focusses on the “whole person” biologically/ emotionally and socially
  • It addresses not only the causes, but also the management, prevention and reversal of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases (particularly type 2 diabetes).

Lifestyle Medicine is 100% evidence-based, applies best-practice methods of conventional medicine, and treats the “cause of the cause”. It is not “alternative or holistic medicine”.

If you are overweight, obese, fatigued, overwhelmed, pre-diabetic, diabetic, depressed, unfit, sleeping poorly, smoking or drinking too much, or have high risk factors for heart disease and stroke……then a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician could improve your quality of life.