Fee Schedule

Monday to Friday
Standard Consultation $77.00 (Rebate $38.75)
Long Consultation $115.00 (Rebate $75.05)

Weekends: All consultations are privately billed
Standard Consultation $89.00 (Rebate $50.55)
Long Consultation $130.00 (Rebate $86.60)

We submit Medicare claims online so please provide Medicare with your bank account details to receive your rebate directly into your bank account.

Limited bulk billing is available Monday-Friday for children under 16.

Pensioners may be bulk billed, but this is at the doctor’s discretion.

Weekend attendances will attract a private fee in all cases.  We do not offer any bulk billed services on weekends.

Mingara Medical may refer you to specialists and allied health providers who charge private fees. Where possible we will advise you if there will be out of pocket expenses, but it is best to check with them when you make your appointments.