Men’s Health

Preventative health care is a priority for doctors consulting at Mingara Medical. Your doctor can advise you
regarding recommended health checks. These include tests for cardiovascular disease risk
factors such as raised blood pressure and cholesterol as well as checks for early signs of
bowel, prostate or skin cancer.

Mental Health affects up to 30% of the Australian population, and men often find this topic
particularly difficult to address. General Practitioners can be pivotal in assisting you toward better mental

Many men experience problems with sexual function such as loss of sexual drive (reduce
libido), erection problems or premature ejaculation. We hope that you will feel comfortable discussing any concerns you have with your doctor.

Vasectomy is one of the safest and most effective methods of birth control. It is much safer than the other common contraceptive surgery, tubal ligation. Thousands of Australian men choose vasectomy as their preferred method of contraception. This procedure is now available at Mingara Medical, for more information CLICK HERE.