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The doctors consulting at Mingara Medical Consulting Rooms are available to advise you on the preparations and considerations necessary for your next trip away.

When travelling overseas, it is not uncommon for people to underestimate the threat of disease and infection attributed to each region. Almost every travel location has some form of medical risk associated with it.  With a proper consultation prior to making your getaway, you’ll have the best chance of avoiding any diseases and viruses that you may be exposed to.

The proper vaccinations and medical advice can be the difference between a stimulating and restful stay and one spent navigating a foreign health system. There are always preparation and pre-emptive measures that can be taken to help mitigate your risk.


  • Cholera (oral)
  • Diphtheria
  • Flu vaccine (Fluvax)
  • Hepatitis A (Vaqta / Havrix/ Twinrix)
  • Hepatitis B (HBVax II/Engerix B/Twinrix)
  • Japanese B Encephalitis
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Meningitis (Menomune/Mencevax)
  • Pneumonia (Pneumovax)
  • Polio
  • Rabies (pre exposure)
  • Typhoid (injection)
  • Yellow Fever

* What are the most common Travel-related Vaccines administered to Australian’s? Hepatitis A and Typhoid are the two most commonly vaccinated diseases.


Doctors are available to advise on specific immunisation requirements for different regions around the globe. Even if you have been immunised in the past, it is still recommended to speak with one of the consulting doctors just to be on the safe side. Please have your records with you to ensure we have you in and out in one consultation for your convenience.


We generally stock most of the vaccines that we offer, however please mention where you are travelling at the time you make your booking so that we can ensure this is the case.

How long do vaccinations last?

Most vaccinations last between a year and a lifetime, but this varies between each. We’ve constructed a table below that outlines the length of protection a vaccination provides after its course is completed.

Cholera (oral)2 years
Diphtheria10 years
Flu vaccine (Fluvax)1 year
Hepatitis A (Vaqta / Havrix/Twinrix)10 years > longer
Hepatitis B (HBVax II/Engerix B/Twinrix)Lifetime
Japanese B Encephalitis3 years
Measles, Mumps, RubellaLifetime
Meningitis (Menomune/Mencevax)2-3 years
Pneumonia (Pneumovax)5 years > life
Rabies (pre exposure)Probably lifetime
Typhoid (injection)3 years
Yellow FeverLifetime
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